Best Buy Pilots New Program

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Best Buy Beta Debuts

Best Buy is offering a pilot program called Best Buy Beta that rivals some of Amazon Prime features plus adds free in-car and in-home installation and repair.

You may remember Best Buy launched a Total Tech Support package a couple of years ago that offered free in-car installation for basic installs and discounts on more complex installs as well as unlimited Geek Squad support of your home and car devices at an annual fee of $199.

With Best Buy Beta you get those services plus extended warranty protection, free shipping, special sales and other perks. The fee remains $199.99 per year or $179.99 for Best Buy credit card holders.

Best Buy Beta Launches

The service is offered at select stores in Iowa, Oklahoma and eastern Pennsylvania. In April, it will expand to some stores in Minnesota, North Carolina and Tennessee, totaling 60 stores in all.  In those states, the new Best Buy Beta program will incorporate the older Total Tech Support program.

Best Buy Beta allows Geek Squad service of devices even if they were not purchased at Best Buy.  You also get two-year protection on most products and an extended return window of 60 days. Another perk is free in-home delivery and installation on most products. Users also get a 10 percent discount on subscription services billed through Best Buy.

Total Tech Support is still available to customers outside of the pilot Best Buy Beta stores.

In comparison, Amazon charges $120 per year for its Prime service and Walmart charges $98 a year for its plan.

Source: Best Buy via The Verge and CNN

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  1. Our BB is Great! They send us jobs both directly (and indirectly) that they cannot perform for whatever reason. There is NOTHING that company can do to keep a good independent down! So it’s up to we “independents” to rise above and dominate.

    Soundcrafters Motto since 1978: “Sooner or later you’ll be coming to us”.

  2. HaaaaHaaa that’s hilarious. I won’t trust their ass for any installation. $199 a year? That’s pathetic..

  3. yeah, bb is scheduling car installs out two months from now in my area. good luck. why do not you just give the equipment away and get out of 12v.

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