KENWOOD Intros MASK CD Receivers

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Kenwood Zapogerm

Long Beach, CA (UNEDITED)– KENWOOD USA has introduced a new line of MASK CD receivers with ZapoGerm technology. The eXcelon KDC-X569UV kills germs and viruses on the surface of CD’s. How does it work? A CD is placed in the CD receiver and bathed with excessive Ultraviolet light while it’s playing. In testing, this treatment has been shown to mitigate the transfer of COVID-19, COVID-20, the common flu and a host of other germs and viruses that live on the surface of objects by up to 28%. Dave Hoag, JVCKENWOOD’s Executive VP stated, “This is the first environmentally and socially conscience automotive receiver to come to market. It’s a game changer.”


KENWOOD plans to expand this technology into DVD receivers in late 2022.  Mike Roberts, KENWOOD’s VP of Sales and Marketing said, “We wanted to start with CD receivers because they represent a segment of the market that could use a boost from a breakthrough technology like ZapoGerm.  It’s a perfect time to revive the iconic MASK line of receivers and bring them into the 21st Century.”


When asked if the UV light in the CD receiver could affect the laser’s ability to track the CD, Rick Noetzli, KENWOOD’s Sr. Product Manager said, “The light only diminishes the receiver’s ability to read the disc by 15%, and we found that playback fidelity only decreased 15-18%. Our study groups showed that the compromise was still better than most compressed audio files, and acceptable for people to finally feel safe in their cars.”


The KDC-X569UV will be available in early 2022, at a projected retail price of $699.00 (based on decreased chip availability, increased parts costs, tariffs, and shipping costs).


For detailed information on specific features of the receiver, please view its respective product page at


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