It’s Not a Joke…

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One Apus Ship Accidents at Sea

Everything in this post may seem like an April Fool’s prank but actually happened; just as shipping containers falling into the sea, and fires at two Japanese chip plants during a chip shortage is stranger than fiction.

For Elettromedia, a ship carrying its containers was recently turned away from the port due to….. moths.  Asian Gypsy Moths, to be exact, which are invasive and harmful to many North American trees and plants.  To be clear, the moths were not in Elettromedia’s containers, but on the ship. Sent back to sea, the ship was decontaminated causing a three week delay.  We’re afraid to ask what’s next!

And here are some OEM developments that are too strange to be true, but they are recent actual announcements from car companies.

In a recent tweet, Tesla said it plans to put the gear shift controls on the new Model S and X vehicles on the infotainment screen.  Gear shifting becomes a touchscreen slider.

The user slides the ‘car icon’ up for forward and back for reverse, something which set car reviewers to scratching their heads. See the 11-second video below.

As for integration into Teslas, Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) said, “…since Tesla tends to use screens that are already larger than most aftermarket alternatives, ADS has not developed any radio replacement solutions for these vehicles. Nevertheless, we intend to explore the viability of offering amplifier replacement solutions and will add them to our roadmap should there be sufficient demand,” according to Robert Di Cesare, ADS General Manager.

How about a turntable in a Lexus?

Lexus developed a concept vehicle with a turntable in the glove compartment. It uses a rotating motor to keep the needle steady in the Lexus IS WAX Edition.   You can see it in action below (scroll in about 50 seconds in this 1.5 minute video) seen on SlashGear.


Photo: One of the ships that lost containers into the sea in recent months.

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  1. Some of the more “senior” of us may recall that turntables (record players) in cars is not a new idea…

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