JVC Mobile Launches New Program

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JVC Mobile New MESA Program

JVC Mobile launched a program for retailers based on its JVCKenwood parent company’s connection to the Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA) buying/marketing group.

As of January, the company developed a program for MESA members who are unable to get their full head unit allotments from other suppliers. JVC has not become a MESA vendor, it is only drawing upon its relationship with MESA through JVCKenwood, said JVC’s Ron Trout.

The company is not only selling radios to its new dealers but also speakers. Additionally, higher end radios, including its 10-inch floating radio with a retail price of about $1199 are selling well, it said. “It’s much higher quality that most of the other products in that category. It shows that people are willing to pay for better screens, and better performance attributes. [During the pandemic] people are willing to step up and buy better products. I don’t know if that’s the shortages or they are getting exposed to it.  A lot of times if people say they have a budget of $399 they are only shown product at $399,” said Trout.

He added, “It’s my hope that the industry uses this opportunity to resist expectations and not chase low price but pursue better quality, which is what they did in the 90s.  In the last ten years, it’s gone the other way.  This has shown that the consumer is still looking for better quality… the shortage of lower priced goods has exposed them to higher priced products.”

Photo: KW-1000ZW

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