Another Industry Member Passes

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Youssef Phillips Passes

We are saddened to report that Youseff Phillips, formerly of Elettromedia USA and Abt, Chicago, passed away on Thursday after a sudden collapse.

Phillips, who was in his early to mid 40s, was well loved by many in the industry for his kind heart.

“He touched a lot of people. A lot of people really loved that kid,” said Phil Bolden of Elettromedia USA, who remained friends with Phillips after he left the company a few years ago. He added,  “He had a genius IQ I believe.”

Ata Ehdaivand of Absolute Electronix, MD, said, “Youseff shared more than a friendship with me, we shared a lot of cultural similarities. It made me feel good that he was a success in the industry. I only wish I could touch as many people as he did in his short time on this planet.”  He added, “He was very kind. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not smile.  There’s a lot of politics in our industry that he didn’t participate in and I think that’s super special about him.”

Bolden didn’t pull any punches in describing his friend.  There were plenty of arguments in the office, and Bolden, in typical office antics, actually filmed one between Phillips and VP Rob Wempe.  “He was off the charts smart…He could really make you mad but he was such a lovable guy,” said Bolden, adding, “I stayed in contact with him always to check in on him. We were hopeful we would have a position for him. We used to call him ‘the wedding planner.’  He was a meticulous planner. He never forgot anything.”

Phillips in recent years moved into the home audio space, working as a technician for the noted retailer Abt and as Lead Technician at Desegnio, a home automation specialist.


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