Innovation Award: Car UV Phone Sanitizer & Wireless Charger

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Utilimedic UV car phone sanitizer/wireless charger

Touted as the first phone sanitizer/wireless charger built specifically for the car, is the new In-Car UV Phone Sanitizer and Wireless Charger.

The device is offered by a new brand from Namsung, Utilimedic, which is a sister company to  Dual Electronics.  It just won a CES Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety category.

The new UV8LED offers 360 degree sanitizing in a device that sits on the dashboard on a non-slip silicone pad.  It includes 8 UV-C LEDs and sanitizes in 5 minutes.  It eliminates up to 99.9 percent of germs and bacteria.

While sanitizing, the phone can continue to run Apple CarPlay or Android Auto and it can charge via wired charging as there are rubberized cable slots on either side of the sanitizing chamber to allow a cable to pass through.  Another device can sit on top of the UV8LED for Qi-certified wireless charging (even while another phone is sanitizing inside).

Utilimedic UV8LED
Utilimedic UV8LED

Users can also put a mask in the unit or sunglasses to sanitize.

Currently, the unit sells on Crutchfield and at $89.99.  And Utilimedic says the UV8LED is suited for sale through car audio retailers.

Utilimedic says, “Germ ‘droplets’ can remain infectious on surfaces for many hours, and even longer on hard surfaces like plastic and stainless steel. With the UV8LED sanitizer, even the largest phones on the market can fit inside the chamber along with other high-touch items including face masks, credit cards, sunglasses and more. ”

The base of the UV8LED sanitizing compartment has four UV-C transparent adjustable legs to separate the phone and chamber walls to keep it secure while in a moving vehicle.  The unit is also specifically constructed for the car environment and designed to withstand extreme temperatures and is protected from sunlight, heat, cold and humidity, said Utilimedic.

It includes a dual USB 12V adapter to connect the sanitizer and mobile phone to power simultaneously.

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