Soundstream Reserve to Ship Low Priced 10-Inch Radio

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Soundstream Reserve

Soundstream will ship in the next 30 days, a MAP protected 10-inch radio under its new Reserve line.  The new Soundstream Reserve series is a protected line versus the original Soundstream line, which is sold through many channels.

The flagship Reserve radio will have a 10.6-inch screen as well as CarPlay, Android Auto, Maestro compatibility, SiriusXM capability and full DVD player at $349.99 MAP (model VRCPAA-106).  It will be joined by a 7-inch version with similar features at $299.99 MAP ( VRCPAA-7D).

Several other new radios and micro amplifiers under the new Reserve line have begun shipping over the past two weeks.

“There is a need in the tier 2 market for a protected line,” said VP Sales & Marketing Ronnie Brashear.

Shipping as of last week are two Reserve radios with DVD players.  The navigation version, VRN -7HB, has a 7-inch screen, USB and 1080P resolution and carries a MAP of $179.99.  The AV version, VR-7HB with 6.2-inch screen is at a MAP of $114.99.

Soundstream Reserve Micro Amps“Now we have a line that’s protected; that not just putting a new name on the old line. We have new software, the GUI is different.  The higher end head units are going to fall under Soundstream Reserve,” Brashear said, adding, “The new Reserve line, “is the transition into cleaning up Internet sales and having sellers respect MAP pricing.”

Also now shipping are new Reserve micro amplifiers as follows:

RSM4.1200D – 1200 W 4ch Class D,  full range, 2-Ohm minimum              MAP  $114.99

RSM1.2000  – 2000W Monoblock, Class D, 1-Ohm minimum                        MAP  $124.99

RSM1.4000D- 4000W Monoblock, Class D, 1-Ohm minimum                     MAP   $164.99



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  1. I would love to carry Soundstream again, but they need to get back to their grass roots, and make a Brick, and Morter line that is on par with old gear. Solid, and clean power, fair price point, honest power ratings, and good margins.

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