JVC, Kenwood to Intro Lower Priced CarPlay Decks

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JVC-KW-M650BT lower cost CarPlay radio

At KnowledgeFest in Long Beach, CA this weekend, JVC showed a new wired CarPlay and Android deck that will hit a new low price for the brand.  Kenwood will also introduce a new lower priced version, with the JVC shipping around March and the Kenwood shipping around June, said JVCKenwood.

The new decks will be mechless (no CD/DVD) and offer 6.8-inch capacitive touch screens. They will include Android mirroring to mirror a wide range of apps from the phone to the radio screen.  JVC’s version is the model KW-M650BT shown here.

The decks will have a shallow mounting depth of less than 3 inches.

Pricing is not yet available, but it will be below the current lowest price for a JVC or Kenwood CarPlay/Android Auto deck, currently $399.95 and $599, respectively.

Kenwood and JVC also showed at KnowledgeFest new LED marine speakers that include a remote controller for LED lighting. The remote works over RF so it is non-directional.  The speakers come in black or white and offer 21 different color options.  Users can run 6 pairs off the same remote.  JVC models include the CS-DR620MBL in black and the CS-DR621 MWL in white.  They are iPX5 water resistant at $219.95/pair. Kenwood showed a similar pair at the same price.  Shipping for both models is expected at the end of March.


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  1. Let’s keep racing to zero while auto manufacturers are charging 1000.00 dollars for a carplay/AA upgrade! Seem’s legit!

  2. Let’s hope so. Because the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX has been killing them. CarPlay and capacitive touch for well under anything they offer.

    1. We sell Kenwood 4 to 1 over Pioneer, and are the leading retailer of Excelon in MT. Shouldn’t compare apples, and oranges! At 329.99 to 399.99 for the MVH at 15% over cost or less you can easily buy in quantity, and sell the DMX-7706s for the same price, and make better margin. Price match for profit.

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