Rockford Celebrates 40 Years

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Rockford 40 Year Anniversary

Press Release (Unedited):  TEMPE, AZ — Rockford Fosgate (, an industry leader in high-performance audio solutions, is excited to announce its 40th anniversary. Celebrations will be revealed throughout the year.

Jim Fosgate, the founder of Rockford Fosgate, is often referred to as the inventor of the car audio amplifier. He and his audio enthusiast friends experimented with audio reproduction and the acoustics inside of the automobile and eventually developed the first Fosgate Electronics® product that debuted at the 1973 Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. Shortly after, Fosgate created, what is now known as, the Punch Equalization circuit and began marketing the first car stereo systems. After six years of building awareness for better sound in cars, Jim Fosgate found investment partners and in June of 1980 Rockford Fosgate was founded.

At the launch of Rockford Fosgate, the company only offered 4 amplifiers that were originally sold by Jim in 1979 under the name Fosgate Electronics Car Stereo System. These PR series amps were rebranded as the Rockford Fosgate PR2100, PR250, PR235 and PR220 Type II models.

With a new brand name, the addition of speakers, and a passionate team, Rockford Fosgate sparked the car audio craze and over the next decade, formed partnerships with specialty retail stores across the US. With a solid foundation and a high energy dealer network, Rockford Fosgate high performance audio skyrocketed into the 1990s. People loyal to the brand dubbed themselves FANATICS after Rockford Fosgate’s original tag line ‘Car Audio for Fanatics’.

“It’s interesting to reflect on the last 40 years. The brand has come a long way!” said Bill Jackson, Rockford CEO and president. “Rockford Fosgate has been built by passionate, dedicated employees, a great sales rep force and a loyal dealer network. But most of all, it is the FANATICAL customers that have supported the brand and carried the Rockford Fosgate DNA forward. We are proud of our 40 years and look forward to the next 40!” Jackson continued.

The momentum continues today, at their original Tempe Arizona headquarters, Rockford Fosgate markets over 400 audio products that are designed, and purpose built for automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and off-road vehicles. Fanatics span the globe from North America across more than 120 countries worldwide. The brand has grown, technology has changed, and music has become more portable, but Rockford Fosgate’s heritage of passion for performance remains the same.

This year, Rockford Fosgate celebrates its 40th anniversary by giving thanks to everyone who has shared our passion for audio over the last four decades. Watch for invitations to participate in multiple events happening on-line, on our social network, and in person now through December.

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  1. I started selling Rockford Fosgate in a small retail store in 1986. I was a Regional Sales Manager for Rockford Corp from 2001-2005. I’ve competed against it when I worked for other manufacturers and I have been their Sales Rep in North Texas for almost 6 years. I agree with Eric, that they have had their stumbles in the past, but with the current leadership, product development team, marketing team, and finance team; Rockford Fosgate products are the best they have ever had. Nearly the entire line is MAP protected, the pricing and programs insure great profit margins and just like 40 years ago, they continue to teaching us all about new opportunities. Yes, there were some tough years in the past, but now is a great time to be a Rockford Fosgate Dealer and a Rockford Fosgate Sales Rep.

  2. Rockford has truly reinvented themselves and I am honored to be a dealer again. Congratulations on 40 years. I still have my 25 year anniversary sign and one of the Rockford Fender guitars.

  3. Sorry to hear that you feel that way Victor. We had times where we stumbled because we lost our focus. I guess that’s expected when you have been around for 4 decades.

    Because of dealers like yourself who reminded us of who we are, Rockford Fosgate is laser focused. Our brand was and continues to be strong today because of specialty retailers and the people who enjoy the experience our brand provides. That is why a big part of celebrating our 40th year is giving thanks to all the dealers and consumers who proudly call themselves Fanatics. Rockford Fosgate would not exist today without that community.

  4. Was a Rockford dealer for 10 years. They lost the focus on the dealers. Sad what they have become.

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