Directed to Ship SMARTKEY This Summer

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Viper Smartkey eliminates car key

Directed will ship this summer a SMARTKEY system that eliminates the need to carry a car key.

Its SMARTKEY module installs under the dash. It then not only remote starts your car from a phone, but lets you drive the car without a key present in your pocket or elsewhere.  Additionally, users can literally text a link to the car to give a family member or any third party access to it.  (This is a straight text message and does not require the recipient install an app).

In the case that a phone runs out of batteries, Directed also supplies a key card that can be kept in a wallet or purse. If you press it against the driver’s window, the car will start and drive.

Viper SMARTKEY runs on Directed’s Vehicle Control Platform combining cellular, Bluetooth and near field communication. It can work with almost any push-to-start vehicle.

The text messaging feature requires a service plan of $7/month.

In the future, Directed might connect SMARTKEY to Siri or Google Voice or allow it to be used with smart watches.

Additionally, Directed showed at CES two new wireless sensors for its DS4 remote start system.

The 8604W is a multi-function sensor that connects to DS4 systems via Bluetooth, and is completely wireless with a 5 year battery life.  It acts an impact sensor, a tilt sensor, or as a hood or door trigger. It can be configured to perform just one or all three functions at the same time.

The 8508D dual-zone proximity sensor is an update to Directed’s 508D. The 8508D sensor connects to DS4 systems via D2D2.0 and provides adjustable inner and outer fields via the Directlink mobile app. It detects moving high-density objects using digital field-disturbance technology and provides warn-away and full-trigger warnings to the DS4. The 8508D is well suited to convertibles or any vehicle where a customer may want to protect the interior contents from theft. It features a single D2D2.0 connection for communication and power, as well as a D2D2.0 pass-through port to add additional sensors.



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  1. Guessing this is limited to Push Button Start cars only? Regular key car ignitions have a steering wheel lock, which is either mechanical or servo controlled.

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