IASCA is Sold to Industry Member

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IASCA soundoff organization is sold

Rights to the IASCA sound off contests, the longtime heart of the autosound market, have been sold to IASCA competitor and  judge Travis Chin.

He assumes ownership of the Premier Soundoff Association from IASCA Worldwide President Paul Papadeas, who ran the IASCA events tirelessly for decades.

Over the next few weeks, the organization will transition with the assistance of Papadeas and IASCA Director of Operations Moe Sabourin.  Both will not be continuing at the organization going forward as of now.

Travis Chin buys IASCA
Travis Chin is the new leader of IASCA

The transition should be finalized December 1. At that time, the IASCA name, trademark and website will be owned by Chin.

Papadeas retains ownership of the Spring Break Nationals, but an SBN event has not been held for 18 months. He also remains President of Soundcrafters, FL.

“Travis has been a competitor since 1994,” said Papadeas, noting that Chin travels to train IASCA judges internationally and to judge and produce events.   “He has demonstrated the posture of a leader and a professional, befitting of the industry’s premier Soundoff organization.”

Paul Papadeas Sells IASCA
Long time leader of IASCA Paul Papadeas

Sabourin said, “We at the current IASCA office will work closely with Travis and his team to make the transition as seamless as possible.”

Chin said, “I’m excited to take over the IASCA mission. It’s been one of my passions for a long time… I look forward to upholding the principles and traditions that IASCA has established over the last 32 years. I will also enjoy connecting with industry leaders and work with the other associations to further the promotional efforts that are most important to the industry”.

Papadeas added,  “Throughout the last three decades, [our] industry has benefited in many ways from Soundoff events; they are the best grass roots efforts to promote consumer exposure and are worthy of manufacturer support. At this phase of my career after close to 50 years, I feel it important to pass the association on to a new generation, to a person as passionate about our industry as I have been; Travis is that person. I personally implore all car audio manufacturers and enthusiasts to support Travis in IASCA’s continuing mission.”

“I would like to thank all the competitors, dealers and industry supporters, as well as our international affiliate nations, for their commitment to IASCA during our tenure.” Papadeas continued to say, “It has been an honor to serve you for close to 20 years.”

For more info on IASCA Worldwide, contact Travis Chin at [email protected], Moe Sabourin at [email protected] or Kim Sabourin at [email protected]

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  1. Paul,

    I Salute you and say thanks for all your efforts you have put forth to promote the passion of our industry. Great Job!
    Mobile Mike

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