First Look at 2020 CES Innovation Award Winners

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Bosch 3D Display Wins Innovation Award

The 2020 CES Innovation Award honorees this year included the Cobra Road Scout Elite, a combination radar detector and dashcam,  and the Mobileye 8 Connect, a cloud- connected early crash warning system.

Several additional advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) products were named CES Innovation honorees including the “Transparent Hood” by Continental.  Cobra and Mobileye were the only traditional 12 volt brands we spotted among the honorees thus far.  The full roster of award winners will  be revealed just prior to CES in January.

Continental Transparent Hood CES Innovation
Continental Transparent Hood

Continental’s Transparent Hood displays the area underneath the vehicle to the driver, presumably by cameras sending images to the car dash screen. This helps a driver avoid hitting obstacles on the road that might otherwise be out of his view.  The system also works with Continental’s Surround View system that includes 4 cameras and a control unit that sends images to the car’s display.


Cobra Road Scout Elite names CES Innovation Honoree
Cobra Road Scout Elite

Cobra’s Road Scout Elite is one of the the first 2-in-1 devices that combines a long-range radar detector and a Hi-Def dashcam in a single unit.  As a radar detector, it can lock out false alerts, and provides alerts for red light and speed cameras and other road threats.  As a dashcam, it shows the road ahead in Full HD 1080p and includes WiFi to let users view, edit, and share videos from their smartphones.  For more information click here.

Mobileye’s 8 Connect is a crash warning system with an improved camera and a wider field of vision. It not only alerts the driver to an impeding crash in the critical seconds before impact, but it can be used for fleet location management. It connects to the cloud, and it can provide crowd-sourced data on traffic and accidents.

The Consumer Technology Association names CES Innovation honorees but it also presents “Best of Innovation” awards in each category.  For the  In-Vehicle Entertainment & Safety category, Bosch won a Best of Innovation award for its 3D Display that doesn’t require special glasses.  It can display 3D navigation warnings that appear to “float” in front of the dashboard where the driver can’t miss them.  A 3D warning could indicate a sharply curved road, or that your speed is too fast or lane departure or blind spot warnings. 3D could also improve backup camera systems, providing more realistic views.

Bosch 3D Display Wins Innovation Award
Bosch 3D Display

Another Best of Innovation went to The Valerann Smart Roads System in the Smart Cities categories.  It’s an IoT sensor that transforms roads into data-gathering highways.  The Valerann sensory road stud replaces standard Raised Pavement Markers. This forms a sensory network that shares information with Valerann’s cloud and directly with vehicles. The sensory road stud is equipped with six different sensors, is solar-powered, and uses Valerann’s proprietary LoRA-based communication.

The system is 20 percent of the cost of current solutions. It can track the exact driving pattern of every single vehicle on the road: down to the exact in lane location of each vehicle in real time.  Then information can be shared among vehicles about risks. It can also provide lane by lane navigation.

You can see all the award winners announced to date here. (Click on the in-vehicle categories next to the search bar).

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