New Manufacturers’ Rep Firm Launches

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new 12 volt rep MPH Sales LAunches

A new manufacturers’ rep firm has been launched in the Pacific Northwest called MPH Sales by Matt (Oliver) Bebich, who was previously a rep at Oliver Marketing.

Bebich is the half brother of Oliver Marketing principal Bob Oliver.  Bebich managed 12 volt sales at Oliver Marketing for 22 years and has started his own firm, he said, to offer cutting edge marketing tools and services.

“I decided to depart Oliver Marketing to see what doors would open.  After a fair amount of positive feedback from the vendor community, I decided to open up my own agency,” he said.

VOXX Electronics is MPH Sales’ first vendor brand.  Others are expected to be announced shortly.

MPH Sales will focus heavily on helping retailers promote on Facebook and Instagram.  MPH Sales has partnered with Modern Media Geeks led by Jon Dewar to help dealers with Internet marketing.

Bebich said,” It doesn’t sound to me like the market is being serviced in a way that the retailers are expecting.  I’m 44, relatively young in this business and I would like to bring some youthful energy into the market. I firmly believe it’s not the quantity of the dealer visits its the quality of the visit and that’s one reason I’m excited to partner with Jon Dewar and Modern Media Geeks.”

For information contact [email protected] or 206-618-2342 or visit

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  1. Matt is well known in the industry as a trusted business partner. Optimistic his new venture will be a success!

  2. I agree with Matt and Jon, they’re are to many Rep’s out there with the — It is what it is mentality. Manufacture Rep’s are a mixed bag. In my experience most want to do something for you but just don’t know how and have no one to guide them. On the other hand there is some out there that are real partners and have a real interest in your growth. It sound like RPM has a good recipe here. Congratulations, wishing you success.

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