Pioneer Ships New Basic Head Units

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Pioneer announced a new line of basic head units that don’t include CarPlay and Android Auto, which are shipping in a rolling launch this month.

A total of 17 head units are being offered, all with Pioneer’s Smart Sync app that lets you control the head unit from the smartphone, converting your phone into a larger user interface for the radio. Users can view album art, adjust tuning, listen to text messages, view a preferred navigation app and more.

The single or double DIN CD players or mechless digital audio players (without a CD) range in street price from $70 to $155.

Three Limited series models aimed at distribution through specialist retailers were on display last week at the MESA Summit in Denver, including the FH-S722BS double DIN CD receiver  and the MVH-522BS mechless digital audio player plus the DEH-S6220BS single DIN CD player.  All are SiriusXM capable with Spotify control and Pandora capability.

Pioneer is also expected to introduce a new AV/receiver next month with details to be announced.

New products for September are as follows

Limited models:

DEH-S4220BT     $  90.00

DEH-S6220BS     $125.00

FH-S722BS           $145.00

MVH-S322BT      $80.00

MVH-S522BS      $105.00

MVH-S622BS      $115.00

TS-A120S4E         $100.00


Open models:

DEH-S1200UB    $70.00

DEH-S4200BT     $90.00

DEH-S5200BT     $105.00

DEH-S6200BS     $125.00

DEH-S7200BHS  $155.00

FH-S520BT           $115.00

FH-S720BS           $145.00

MVH-S320BT      $80.00

MVH-S420BT      $105.00

MVH-S620BS      $115.00

MVH-S720BHS   $125.00

TS-A25S4             $ 80.00

TS-A30S4             $ 90.00



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  1. Retailer:”no way you can squeeze 20 radios in a $40 price range!”

    Pioneer ” Hold my beer!”

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