Waylens Announces 1 Month Free Service With 4G Dashcam

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Press Release (Unedited): Cambridge, MA – Waylens, Inc. announced today it is now supplying new users one month of free data with Secure360 4G. Combined with the company’s 30-day Risk Free Guarantee, Waylens’ One Free Month of Data lets a new user test drive Secure360 4G while enjoying live features like remote live streaming, instant security alerts, and real-time location data. “At Waylens, we want the user to enjoy the full Secure360 experience,” said Product Manager Aaron Thomas. “With One Free Month of Data, the user can try that peace-of-mind for free.”


Secure360 4G is the car camera system that records in one seamless 360-degree view, capturing events that happen even from the side and rear where typical cameras have blind spots. Featuring the industry’s longest park mode of 15 days, Secure360 4G watches in and around the car even when it’s unattended for an extended time, sending real-time alerts so the owner can see evidence on his smartphone – anytime, from anywhere.


The One Free Month of Data begins when the user activates his or her data account using the Secure360 app. Even after that first month, Secure360 4G remains affordable to operate. The typical user spends less than $10 per month and a 12-month plan is less at $8 per month. Unlike other offerings in the industry that require users use 4G data to watch video in the car, Secure360 4G lets users view video using WiFi for free. “We believe automotive security should provide real peace-of-mind and we understand there is an economic component to that,” said Waylens CEO Haowei Zhang. “We therefore designed Secure360 with free viewing options that keep the security experience affordable for just about everyone.”


Secure360 features:

  • 360-degree vision
  • 15-day park mode
  • 10-minute easy installation
  • Built-in temperature control for quiet operation
  • High-speed 4G LTE connection
  • Automatic cloud uploading with anytime, anywhere video access via the cloud
  • Live video streaming
  • Multiple viewing modes through the app
  • Real-time motion and impact notifications
  • Real-time location data
  • 256 GB back-up storage capacity
  • Affordable operation (most users spend < $10/month)
  • Support for multiple cameras / drivers through the app
  • 30-day test drive
  • One month of free data



The Secure360 4G retails for $399.95. An $8-$10 monthly service charge covers 1GB of usage with a rolling 7 days of free cloud storage.


About Waylens:


Privately-held Waylens creates automotive camera technologies and products that make the experience of car ownership and driving more enjoyable and secure. It is a team of world-class engineers, designers, and car enthusiasts who share a passion for building the best automotive cameras in the world.


Waylens is headquartered in Cambridge, with offices in Cincinnati and Shanghai. For more information, visit waylens.com or 360.waylens.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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