3 Noteworthy Infotainment/Security Systems of the Future

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Sony and Yamaha are showing off ‘a new type of AV system.’

Bosch is demonstrating true 3D imaging from the car radio where icons appear to float in the air before you.

Harley Davidson is offering OnStar-like service as standard on many 2020 bikes.

Here are some of the new technologies making their way into the vehicles of today and tomorrow:

Yamaha-Sony Vehicle

Last month Yamaha announced it developed a new kind of public vehicle with a mixed reality system from Sony.

Due for release in Japan in the next 10 months, the SC-1 Sociable Cart is a low speed vehicle that will be used in theme parks and other locations to demonstrate the possibility of  “a new mobility experience.”

Sony’s AV system will project video and mixed reality images onto Hi-Res displays both inside and outside of the “cart,” so not only the people inside the vehicle, but those passing by can benefit from the video.

Mixed reality, according to Microsoft, is the result of blending the physical world with the digital world. It is considered the next evolution in the interaction between humans, computers and their environment.

In the SC-1 Cart, video content will be relevant to the vehicle’s current location. “Doing so creates an entertainment space unmatched by any traditional vehicle…” said Yamaha.

The vehicle will not be for sale, and will be used only for entertainment purposes at theme parks, golf courses and “commercial facilities,” reported Engadget. The cart has a maximum speed of only about 12 miles per hour.

The vehicle also uses AI and multiple sensors to display travel information, provide entertainment and news streaming and deliver advertisements that suit the audience (by age, gender, etc). Read more here.


Bosch 3D Display

Bosch is demonstrating true 3D in the  instrument panel display of a vehicle without the need for glasses. It can display 3D navigation warnings that appear to “float” in front of the dashboard where the driver can’t miss them.   A 3D warning could indicate a sharply curved road, or that your speed is too fast or lane departure or blind spot warnings.

3D could also improve backup camera systems, providing more realistic views.

Bosch’s Steffen Berns said, “Alerts that seem to jump out of the display are much more obvious and urgent…The display’s depth of field means drivers can grasp important visual information faster, whether from an assistance system or a traffic-jam alert.”

Bosch will reveal more details at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. See more here.



Harleys Gets OnStar-Like Tech

Harley Davidson will offer this fall its first electric motorcycle called the LiveWire that will include technology that is trickling down to other Harley motorcycles, according to CNET.

All 2020 touring bikes (except the Road King and Electra Glide Standard) plus the new LiveWire will come standard with Harley’s H-D Connect, an OnStar-like emergency/convenience service for motorcycles. Riders can view fuel levels and battery charge, tire pressure (if appropriate hardware is installed) and they can upgrade to stolen bike tracking and tamper alerts.

Check out the display on the new LiveWire (photo above).

Also coming to 2020 Harleys are Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) which include driver safety such as enhanced braking control while cornering, antilock braking and traction control.  See more at CNET.


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