Cadillac Radio for the Aftermarket

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ISS Cadillac radio

Cadillac radios are difficult to replace, so a company is now offering fully refurbished Cadillac OEM radios to aftermarket car audio dealers.  These may be sold to consumers for less than half the cost to replace them at a General Motors dealership, says the company.

Instrument Sales & Service is one of 5 companies in the US refurbishing GM radios.  Also known as ISS, it is headed by Ron Freeman, the former CEO of AAMP Global.  ISS’s Sales Director is Michael LeClaire, formerly a a District Sales Manager for Pioneer Electronics for 5 years and prior to that, a Sales Manager at Alpine Electronics where he worked for 16 years.

Aftermarket dealers who sell ISS’s Cadillac radios provide the VIN number of the vehicle to ISS, which then refurbishes the radio with the exact same features the customer had before the radio failed. The radio is then delivered via 2-day shipping.

If the customer previously had a radio controlling heated and cooled seats, his replacement radio will have the same features.

Most Cadillac owners of radios from 2013 to 2018 will eventually need to replace the radio, said LeClaire.

“The failure rate is nearly 100 percent.  The [material] behind the glass shrinks with heat, creating a splintered or spider crack look to the glass. ISS offers a radio that can be sold for $800 to $1000 with a plug and play install,” said LeClaire. This compares to the $1,200 to $1,800 charged by the dealership, he added.

The refurbished Cadillac radios cover years 2013-2018. The radios do not include CarPlay or Android Auto. But there is an option to add these features for another $500 to $800.

ISS expects to offer overhead video consoles to the aftermarket as well.

ISS is located in Kent, WA.  For more information email [email protected] or call 800-666-5469.


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  1. These units are easily repaired in the field by a qualified tech shop equipped with the proper parts on hand.

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