Leadership Change at ARC Audio

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Arc Audio

PRESS RELEASE: Effective January 1 next year, current ARC Audio CEO Demitrios Karabinis will be stepping away from the “fast lane” of company leadership and taking an advisory position as a VP.  Product Development Manager Brad Ott will be taking over as Executive VP of Operations at ARC Audio and assuming the role of day-to-day leadership.

Ott has been with ARC Audio since its infancy, joining the company in 2001. He entered the 12-volt industry 25 years ago as a store manager for a car audio retailer. Ott can be credited for the development of the legendary MOTO 600.4 motorcycle amplifier. He has been, for many years, actively working with all our teams in the US and overseas, further aiding a smooth transition.

Brad Ott Arc Audio
Brad Ott, new Executive VP Operations at Arc Audio

“The transition in leadership will be seamless as Brad has been, and will continue to be, groomed for his new role by DK [Karabinis] himself. We will still see DK representing ARC Audio at car shows and trade events after he enters his semi-retirement. His passion for ARC Audio and the 12-volt industry is as strong as ever and he can’t see himself just walking away from the fun,” said ARC Audio.

Karabinis,  known as DK among his peers, has been involved in the 12-volt industry since the early 1980’s. He has worn many hats at ARC Audio as a competitor, a judge, a rep, an innovator and most importantly, “CEO of a company that prides itself as a producer of some of the finest car audio equipment,” said ARC Audio.

“DK led ARC Audio to be a pioneer in the motorcycle audio revolution. He was told by many that motorcycle audio would not succeed, yet here we are today with an industry full of thriving motorcycle audio companies. DK has always been a believer in keeping a low personal public profile while putting his people in the spotlight. One of these public faces of ARC Audio has been Ott,” said the company.

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