Car Security Co. Makes US Debut

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Author Alarm is a 10 year old automotive digital security company, which is coming to the US this summer.

It sells a system that connects to the CAN BUS of a car. Then it works with an app or keyfob and PIN number to protect the car.  If two-step authentication is not provided, the car engine won’t start, so it prevents theft, rather than locating a car that has already been stolen.

Author Alarm is a digital security solution.  It protects from thieves who try to copy your key or hack the OBD2 port or any of the following: relay attack, key cloning, key canceller devices, OE CAN-blockings bypassing, “eye” technology or car hijacking.

The system consists of four wires connected to a microchip.  The wires connect to the CAN BUS. Then the dealer flashes the microchip via PC to match the customer’s car model.

Author Alarm is based in Russia and it sells through 27 countries.  Head of Export Sales Anna Frantsuzova told us at KnowledgeFest last month, “In Russia we have many cases of theft and the thieves get more sophisticated every year.  We started 10 years ago and we’ve had zero car thefts with our system.”

The company is currently setting up a US office. Its system should be available to US dealers in June or July at a price of around $450 to $600.

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  1. Similar product has been around for a few years in the UK, Ghost immobiliser.
    A nightmare especially with BMW if after you’ve installed it the dealer upgrades the vehicle software.

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