SounDigital Intros New OEM-Friendly Amps

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Press Release (edited): DAVIE, FL – SounDigital USA introduced new versions of its EVO series of amplifiers during KnowledgeFest in Long Beach, CA last month. The 800.4S EVO and 400.4S EVO will replace the 800.4D EVO and 400.4D EVO, respectively. The new models give retailers more flexibility to improve  audio performance, headroom and clarity when used with factory-installed radios.

“The requirement to have back-up cameras on new vehicles means having radios with screens, and since these screens are often set up to display other functions of the vehicle, they cannot easily be removed,” said SounDigital CEO Diogo Ianaconi. “Our new amplifiers are designed to better connect to these factory radios to allow customers to build a personalized audio experience while keeping the familiar factory installed ergonomics.”

Power-wise, the 400.4S EVO and 800.4S EVO share the output capability of their predecessors. Also, like the 800.4D, the 800.4S comes in two-ohm and four-ohm versions. In addition to low-level inputs through RCA-style connectors, the new amplifiers add two connections for four channels of high-level inputs. The high-pass / low-pass / full crossover switch for each pair of channels is now paired with a variable adjustment of 45-850Hz, providing greater precision to match output with the system configuration.

Internally, SounDigital has employed higher-quality components and a new PC board to improve sound quality and noise rejection throughout the entire 2019 product line. In addition, all of the variable adjustments are now flush-mounted into the chassis, eliminating the possibility of accidental movement.

The 800.4S EVO and 400.4S EVO are expected to ship in April, with MSRPs to be announced. For information on the new SounDigital line, visit soundigitalusa

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