German Maestro Appoints New Master Distributor

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US German Maestro

Audio Props, a high end car audio shop in North Palm Beach, FL has been named the exclusive Master Distributor of German Maestro car audio products in the US.

The shop is owned by Ken Strzepka, who is launching a new rep firm called Rep-Corps that will distribute German Maestro to high end dealers throughout the country.  Rep-Corps is also currently looking for reps for German Maestro.

Strzepka said German Maestro will offer dealers up to $500 free freight on orders.  The line will be kept off of the Internet, even from MAP sellers.

“We’re looking for about 200 to 300 good retailers around the country,” Strzepka said.  “We don’t want to choke the retailer with a bunch of product… We want to focus more on building the dealers up. I’m frustrated in this industry; I want dealers to know they’ll have a champion behind them that will support their profitability and their clients.”

Audio Props itself, is not a typical retailer.  It works by appointment only and its average ticket sale is $4,000. It has an exclusive clientele, which Strzepka describes as mainly golfers.  The shop has an onsite CNC router and it offers custom enclosures.  It has 5 employees and stocks brands including Kenwood/EXcelon, AAMP brands, K40, SounDigital and Ground Zero and German Maestro.

“I got very lucky to pick the right area in North Palm Beach,” where the shop moved in 2012. It originally opened in 2002 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Strzepka said 5 car audio shops left the area after he moved in.    “We’re the go to custom guys. We sell high end product and our customers aren’t nickel and diming us for price.  That’s the dealers we’re looking for around the country,” said Strzepka.

All German Maestro products are now built in Germany at its factory in Obrigheim.

German Maestro has not had an official US office since 2014.

Corporate Managing Director Oliver Schmidt said of Audio Props/Rep-Corps, “We are very confident that we found a partner who 100 percent understands the product and who is also capable to select retailers conscientiously. We want the product to be sold to qualified and skilled installers with an understanding for sound quality, to ensure a great customer experience…”

He added, “This was the first company we spoke to, which was focused on how the product will be handled by retailers and not only focused on how many boxes they could move per month.”

Ken Strzepka may be contacted at [email protected]

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