Directed’s Breathalyzer Remote Start Combo

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Directed breathalyzer remote start

On Directed’s roadmap for 2020 is a remote start module that works with a Directed handheld ignition interlock device to prevent driving while intoxicated.

Directed currently supplies the Determinator interlock device that consists of a handheld breathalyzer and a separate “brain” module for the   car.  Next year, Directed plans to replace the brain module with its own DS4 remote start/security module which can be flashed through software to become the brain for the breathalyzer.

This will give Directed retailers who service breathalyzer customers a new sales opportunity. When clients finish their term of use and return the breathalyzer, the dealer can offer them the option of retaining the DS4 (with an upcharge) for use as a remote start or security system. Pricing has not yet been determined.

“We’re uniquely positioned to provide this as a security company,” said Directed’s Bob Hernandez.

Directed acquired breathalyzer company Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS) about a year ago. It is in the process of expanding distribution of the breathalyzers.






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