Directed Buys Breathalyzer Company

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Directed announced it has purchased Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS), a provider of breathalyzer-based ignition interlock devices (IIDs).

ADS offers the Determinator line of breathalyzers, which Directed plans will sell through its car audio retailers.

“Our goal is to expand the program by leveraging our existing dealer network,” said Directed’s Chris Pearson.

Directed expects to begin rolling out the program immediately to dealers in 3 states initially, expanding to other states. The initial three states include Arizona, Maryland and Tennessee.

Breathalyzers or ignition interlocks are often mandated in sentencing for DUI or DWI offenses. Increasingly states are mandating these devices as studies show IIDs have a positive effect on reducing drunk driving.

“Ignition interlock devices really do save lives, and the growth of the IID market has been driven by the major benefit they provide to society,” said Directed CEO Bob Struble. “Directed and ADS share core technology, and we are confident that by bringing our leading product design, technical service, and distribution capabilities to the IID market, we will rapidly expand ADS’s business. IIDs are primarily installed by mobile electronics retailers and auto service shops, and we are excited to bring this new business opportunity to our longstanding partners.”

A Directed press announcement said, “ADS products are easy to install and use. During remediation programs, users have IIDs installed in their cars, and the devices ensure that the driver successfully passes a breathalyzer test before allowing the car to start. It is typical for IIDs to be recalibrated on a regular basis and then uninstalled upon program completion.”

ADS, based in Baltimore, MD has been providing ignition interlock devices since 2002.

Directed is a division of DEI Holdings, a portfolio company of Boston-based private equity firm Charlesbank Capital Partners, LLC. Charlesbank acquired DEI Holdings in 2011.

Any dealers interested in learning more should visit or call 1-800-677-1361.



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  1. Directed should worry about making the remote start systems work better. Take 3x as long to install as Compustar and does’nt work right half the time.

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