Sony Ships Low-Priced CarPlay Deck

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Sony began shipping this month one of the lowest priced CarPlay decks from a leading supplier.

The new XAV-AX1000 mechless (non-CD) receiver includes SiriusXM capability at a $299.99 street price.  The deck includes CarPlay only (no Android Auto) with a single DIN chassis (see below) and 6.2 inch touchscreen.  It also has Bluetooth, front panel USB and rear camera input.

Sony also began shipping this month its first deck compatible with iDataLink Maestro modules to retain factory features such as air conditioning controls, OnStar and Ford SYNC. The XAV-AX210SXM, with CarPlay and Android Auto, CD/DVD player and SiriusXM capability plus 3 camera inputs, has a suggested retail price of $549.99.

Sony says its best-selling model is the XAV-AX5000, now reduced from $429 to $399. It was on back order and is now in full supply, according to Sashi Hayakawa, Product Manager, Sony Home Entertainment and Sound.

As for future products, Hayakawa said Sony is looking at leveraging its expertise in camera image sensors and action cams to offer automotive rear cameras and DVRs.  Other new features Sony is considering include wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless as well as integration with Google Assistant, Alexa and other smart home devices to be able to issue voice commands such as ‘open the garage door.’  No shipping dates or further details were provided.

Sony will display at the SEMA Show this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth 12053.

Updated information from Sony:

The XAV-AX1000 has a single DIN chassis but the display is double DIN, as shown in the photo below. “It’s one of great features that makes for much easier installation. There is a plenty of room for cabling and other accessories in the space behind the display,” said a spokesman.

SONY XAV-AX1000 chassis
SONY XAV-AX1000 has a single DIN chassis but a double DIN screen.


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  1. No Android auto? And… Disappointed (once again) by Sony car audio products! Competitors; Pioneer; great sound quality, great quality build, great features, and easy to use, best value for your money (for most consumers). Or Alpine; BEST sound quality, BEST quality build, EXCELLENT features, slightly more difficult for (most) people to use. Then we have Sony… Okay sound quality, I’m not even going to mention quality of build (I’ve seen more Sony car audio garbage then this thread would allow me to express), features are confusing and useless sometimes, ease-of-use? I have Sony home audio and I love it has excellent value and sound quality, I’ve had my Sony Tower speakers for almost two decades, but their car audio just sucks what’s up with that??

    1. Have you used the xav5000 like in your car for a few months? Hands down the less glitches with software than any alpine or Kenwood in the past 5 years. Yea the big box lines aren’t a car audio guru line, but Kenwood has them kicker has them and you can’t judgethem by the products seen on the extremely entry level of 12v electronics

    2. Adam,

      Based on your comment you have no real educated opinion and should permanently refrain from doing a review or opinion post. The new Sony is built better than some of your mentioned. Oh and they also might just build units for your other mentioned brands. Just a side not I have been using the XAV units since the 1st mirror link dropped. Yea not a selling feature anymore and confusing it was but you know how many warranties I have done? ZERO I can not say that for your mentioned brands.

  2. That is definitely a single din chassis. It even shows a picture of it from the side. The face however, is a full double din size. I wonder if it’s removable.

    1. Literature I was shown says single DIN. Will recheck with Sony.
      I added a section to the story showing a photo of the unit to explain the single chassis, but double DIN screen.

      1. It has a single din “chassis” but is a double din face.

        Would have rather seen Android Auto support than SXM though.

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