Kicker to Raise Prices Due to Tariffs

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Kicker parent Stillwater Designs announced it will raise prices in January as a result of recent federal tariffs imposed on Chinese goods.

Due to the tariffs, “Stillwater Designs will ultimately be forced to make some pricing adjustments on its Kicker products and has scheduled them to occur in January 2019,” said a company statement.

“Stillwater Designs has long been aware of the stress that changing prices could have on Kicker authorized dealers, distributors and consumers, and is very sensitive to this important issue. During November and December, we will continue to formulate the best plan going forward to ease the burden of these changes on our dealers and their customers in the upcoming year.

“In the meantime, we will continue to keep heavy inventory stock on hand through the holidays to cover our current Kicker sales promotions and dealer incentives.  Despite our current circumstances, Kicker customers can be assured that we will have their best interests in mind as we develop a viable plan that will work for everyone involved,” said Stillwater Designs.

Update: Regarding details on the price increases, Kicker said, “There are a number of plans currently in the works, of which we will ultimately choose one that suits everyone’s best interests.  But no details are available except that Kicker dealers and distributors will know by CES.”


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