Eton Car Audio Officially Enters US Via AudioMobile Parent

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car audio brand Eton in US

Eton Car Audio, a 35 year old high end European brand, is now available in North America.   AMG, parent of AudioMobile, a boutique car audio speaker company, will serve as Eton USA’s marketing arm and as its “exclusive strategic partner,”  said Matt Overpeck, VP of AMG/AudioMobile.

Although it won’t be a distributor for Eton, AMG will carry out the sales, marketing and fulfillment services for the brand.  “This differs from the traditional type ‘customer’ (‘Importer’) relationship, where goods are sold to the customer, and resold… to retailers,” Overpeck said.  Dealers and distributors who purchase from Eton in the US will be doing so directly, he said.

“This eliminates an additional layer of margins, provides Eton with the ability to achieve extremely aggressive price points, which is increasingly important, given the downward ‘pricing pressure’ the Internet exerts on most CE products,” he said.

Until now Eton was an OEM supplier of raw HiFi components in the US for brands including the Diamond Hex series, said Overpeck.

Eton will make its US debut under its own brand name in Dallas this week at KnowledgeFest at the AMG Booth #223.

Founded in 1993, Eton Gmbh, is the largest loudspeaker manufacturer in Germany, said Overpeck.

It will bring to the US three categories of products, including an SDA series of compact, Class D amplifiers, and an upgrade line of European vehicle “Plug and Play” speaker systems designed for BMW and VW platforms.  The third series includes component and integrated systems.  All are engineered and manufactured at the Eton factory in  Germany.

Among its most recognized systems are the ‘RSE’ and ‘RSR’ modular components, said Overpeck. The RSE 160 2-way component system ($799.99 MSRP) uses technology from Eton’s home tweeter.  The tweeter uses an exotic, ceramic alloy dome, delivering a flat-response to beyond 20 kHz.  It has a swivel flush mount system so it can be mounted in “off axis” stock locations.

Eton products are shipping now from four regional warehouses.  To learn more email [email protected] or call AMG at (702) 829 – 4155.



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  1. Interested and qualified 12V retailers, who are seeking a true, Euro manufactured brand, which offers ‘Game Changing’ value-proposition, at compellingly attractive (‘real-world’) price-points, w/ an array of German engineered, relevant product ‘solutions,’ plus superior GP margins, and optimal ‘JIT’ delivery, are invited to contact Eton USA via email for more info at;
    [email protected] (this is only our temporary US email).

  2. Because we needed another car audio brand in the market, and “high-end” at that…. We wonder why the slice of the pie keeps getting smaller..

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