New Amp Interface for Audi, Porsche

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NAV-TV announced a new ZEN-V advanced amplifier interface for Audi, Porsche and Bentley vehicles with MOST 150.

The ZEN-V is the first aftermarket product in the world to integrate with vehicles using the MOST 150 fiber optic infotainment network, said NAV-TV. The ZEN-V  allows the seamless addition of aftermarket amplifiers into MOST 150 vehicles, retaining all factory vehicle features.

It uses the same processing ability of the NAV-TV M650-GM (that works in select GM vehicles).  The ZEN-V produces completely flat audio output from the MOST network without any factory time delay or equalization, eliminating the need for summing devices, any audio corrective DSP.  It also eliminates the need to remove factory audio compensation microphones.

NAV-TV said it plans to “aggressively pursue further products in audio extraction” for other vehicles, to be released before or by the end of the second quarter this year.

The ZEN-V installs without any modification to the vehicle and is compatible with both amplified and non amplified factory systems.  Volume, Fade, Balance and Bass/Treble tone controls are retained through the factory radio and echo cancellation for the factory Bluetooth hands-free system is supported.

The ZEN-V can be used with digital signal processors (DSP) and it also includes its own 128 bit floating point DSP and 192 kHz 32 bit DAC. It produces  a 12 channel analog output with a S/N Ratio of 112dB.

For vehicles with video playback capability, the ZEN-V supports 7.1 and 5.1 audio[2}. The unit provides a 500mA output for controlling aftermarket devices and, additionally, retains the factory equalizer.

For use with 3rd party digital sound processors, the ZEN-V  includes a variable TOSlink digital output which may be used simultaneously with the analog outputs, or by itself. The variable digital output allows for the system volume to be controlled via the factory radio and steering wheel controls without the need to access any 3rd party controller.

The ZEN-V currently supports the following vehicle infotainment platforms:

Audi with MIB2

Porsche with PCM4.0 & PCM4.1

Bentley with MIB2

For ease of use, the ZEN-V  is configurable through dip switch settings.  User selectable features of the ZEN-V are:


  • Optional time alignment to driver
  • Full scale audio or -12dB attenuation
  • 7.1 downmix to stereo on TOSlink or TOSlink mapped to the front outputs
  • Loudness on or off
  • Vehicle selection for Audi, Porsche or Bentley
  • Enables factory subwoofer control (Audi and Bentley)


Vehicles without a factory amplified system will require the additional ZEN-V-PRG programmer prior to the installation of the ZEN-V[4]. The ZEN-V-PRG is sold separately and comes with unlimited usage, allowing both programming and unprogramming in multiple vehicles. Alternatively, NAV-TV will provide programming instructions to enable the amplifier setting utilizing a VAG-COM or VAG-CAN PRO, free of charge. Vehicles with factory amplified systems do not require any programming.


Pre-orders of the ZEN-V (NTV-KIT860) and ZEN-V-PRG(NTV-KIT861) are being accepted now with a shipping date of April 2. Retail price is $1,299.

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  1. To clarify this is not a before the amplifier audio interface this is an interface that goes in place of the factory amplifier itself.

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