NAV-TV Launches The Next Before the Amp Interface

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NAV-TV announced a new “before-the-amplifier” interface for many General Motors vehicles, creating a simple way to add speakers and amplifiers to a car audio system while keeping the factory radio in place.

With the new NAV-TV M650-GM there’s no need for additional expensive integration devices to draw a clean audio signal from the factory radio whether the system is amplified from the factory or not.

The M650-GM works with GM vehicles using the MOST 50 system, including all GM models with an 8.4-inch screen.  The M650-GM also attenuates the door chime and provides a true 5.1 audio signal without a delay.  It is a 100 percent plug and play system, said NAV-TV’s Derek Schmiedl.

The interface installs at the factory tuner. Installation of the interface requires  no modification to the vehicle or the removal of any factory equipment. Volume, Fade and Balance are supported through the factory radio and steering wheel controls.

The interface includes a Toslink digital output on board and it handles Hi-Res Audio up to 24 bit/96kHz.   It provides time alignment.  There’s no need to bypass any noise cancelling microphones, said Schmiedl.  The interface also has updatable firmware for compatibility with more vehicles in the future.

NAV-TV is also working with aftermarket Digital Signal Processor (DSP) providers, to make their units compatible with the M650-GM. NAV-TV is currently validating these products and will announce compatible DSP units in the future.

A NAV-TV statement said, “The M650-GM produces a completely flat audio output without any factory time delay or equalization, eliminating the need for summing devices, an audio correction DSP or the removal of the factory audio compensation microphones.”

The M650-GM will be available starting September 4.

A demonstration video of the M650-GM may be viewed at .

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