IASCA Expands Motorcycle Compeition

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IASCA soundoff organization is sold

Press Release:

Now in its 3rd year, IASCA’s “Motosounds” competition format offers promoters and dealers the opportunity to properly evaluate motorcycle sound systems and educate bike owners on the proper installation of audio equipment, as well as great sound quality.

Motosounds has now expanded to include “Powersounds”, a competition format for owners of Autocycles (Polaris Slingshots, Vanderhalls), UTVs, ATVs and other specialty vehicles, with classes for each.

“IASCA’s goal with Motosounds and Powersounds is not only to give competitors an opportunity to compete and win awards, but also to help dealers and event promoters educate those owners on the merits of proper installation and tuning” said Moe Sabourin, Director of Operations for IASCA Worldwide Inc. “It’s great to have competition formats and a ‘place to play’” Sabourin continued to say, “But, it means nothing if the owners of these vehicles, who’ve invested a lot of money into their vehicles and systems, aren’t shown how to get the most out of their systems for maximum performance. We can measure all we want, but if it’s being pushed so hard that it’s clipping and there’s a possibility of blowing speakers, they need to know how that and how to get the most out of their systems without blowing it up. That’s where we’re focused.”

Both IASCA Motosounds and Powersounds competitions are scored similar to a clinic style evaluation of a vehicle. Scoring is based on tonality, as well as the system’s ability to perform equally as well at low, moderate and high volume levels (linearity). There’s also installation evaluation for proper fusing and equipment mounting, and a full range SPL competition.

“We believe that this type of scoring encompasses all levels of car audio at a dealer level; and our goal is to send these bike and powersports vehicle owners into dealer showrooms to invest in a quality sound system” Sabourin stated, “What better way to do that than to give them a clinic style evaluation sheet they can take to the dealer and say ‘Hey, here’s what I need to fix/add to my system’”.

IASCA has participated in Daytona’s Bike Week for two years now and last year with Daytona Biketoberfest; plans are under way to focus Motosounds and Powersounds events at other major motorcycle events around the country. Interested promoters can find out more by contacting IASCA at either (386) 322-1551 or emailing [email protected], or contacting Sabourin directly by email at [email protected]

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  1. I call bullshit on 3 years, I (SLS Soundoff) started Motorcycle audio competitions 3 years ago, and now other organizations are trying to jump onboard something I have been pushing and working on more than anyone.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…….
    Mike Hall
    SLS Soundoff

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