Blind Spot Detector Gets a Backup Camera

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Rydeen-The-Bar blind spot detector

In what may be a unique combination, Rydeen Mobile Electronics will add a backup camera to its blind spot detector “bar” that installs at the base of a license plate frame.

The new blind spot detection “bar” with built-in keyhole back up camera is expected to be offered in 60 to 90 days, said Rydeen.

Called the BSS1LPBC, it joins the current “bar” BSS1LPB  microwave blindspot detection system that was developed as a solution for cars and trucks with metal bumpers.  While microwave blind spot detectors are more accurate than earlier versions and don’t require drilling into a bumper, they do not work with metal bumpers.  But with the license plate mounting system, the BSS1LPB allowed a microwave system to circumvent the bumper.

The BSS1LPB began shipping in February at a suggested retail price of $599.  The step up version with embedded camera is expected to carry a suggested retail price of $649.

Both systems alert drivers when a car or object is in their blind spot on either side of the car.  They include GPS so they don’t activate until the car reaches 20 mph to avoid false alerts.

Visual alerts are displayed with mini LED icons installed on each A pillar and an audible alert is available with a compact speaker mounted behind or under the dashboard.


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  1. Why not have it operate like GM system where it will light up even at a standstill to let you know someone pulled up on the side of you, also how close does a car need to be to signal you? Some system come 2 or 3 car lengths behind to let tou know someone is speeding up on you.

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