CEO of AAMP Global Steps Down

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AAMP Global

David Klatt, President CEO of AAMP Global since 2015, has stepped down, taking another position that has yet to be announced.

Klatt told AAMP employees Wednesday that the new position would allow him to spend more time with his family.

He is replaced, effective immediately, by Jamie Fraser who has a ten year association with Audax, the investment group that owns AAMP.  Fraser has run aeronautics and medical technology companies on behalf of Audax.

Jamie Fraser AAMP Global
Jamie Fraser, new President and CEO of AAMP Global

AAMP Chief Marketing Officer Marie Still said, “We’re really excited that Jamie is going to come in and continue to accelerate the strategy that the team put into place with David.  We’re going to continue focusing on product and solutions for our retailers.”

AAMP will also continue its strategy of acquiring other companies.  Under Klatt, it purchased Rosen which owned EchoMaster.  AAMP focused on EchoMaster as part of a push into Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which is now one of the fastest growing categories at AAMP, said Still.

“It’s still a big opportunity for independent retailers on the commercial side and passenger car side.  We’re still seeing a lot of success with backup cameras and we’re going to see that evolve to using that sensor and camera technology for other purposes such as front cameras, side cameras, ADAS, …” said Still.

“David set the foundation and built out the team that was necessary for growth.  We’re going to continue on the mission we’ve laid out,” she added.

Fraser began his career in the flight simulation business, building fixed based flight and maintenance trainers for F-15s and 747s and other aircraft.  He was then recruited by Amphenol Corp. where he eventually became Senior Vice President and Group General Manager, Interconnect Systems. From there he served as President and CEO of Northern Digital, which makes image guided surgery technology. He also served as interim CEO and Executive Chairman at Laborie Medical Technologies.


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  1. I have to wonder if “continue to accelerate the strategy that the team put into place with David” actually means “continue to pump products out the door directly to Amazon to be sold for a lower price than most dealers pay, devaluing your entire brand and the industry as a whole.
    Is that the strategy here?

    1. To answer your concern, the direction is to bring more MAP protected products to market. Most new products will be MAP protected, like RadioPro Advanced, Stinger X, Stinger Marine, Stinger Powersports, all of Phoenix Gold and Echomaster Pro. Our focus is on supporting our brick and mortar customers, the ones that have the direct connection with the customer and can service the customer best. It isn’t the fastest growth strategy but it is the strategy with longevity in mind.

  2. Your article references the fact that AAMP will continue its strategy of acquiring other companies. The article states AAMP acquired Rosen but makes no mention that they sold Rosen to Voxx in 2017.

    1. The Rosen acquisition was a strategic move made to capture the Echomaster brand; which has the most potential for growth. Once that was accomplished, as you stated the Rosen brand was sold to Voxx in 2017.

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