Rockford Restructures Amp and Speaker Pricing

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Rockford T1000X5ad

Rockford will permanently restructure its amplifier and speaker pricing starting November 1 in response to a changing market, it said.

“We’re adjusting some of our retail price points to target today’s consumers given the competitive marketplace.  With consumer access to products being greater than ever, we want to make sure that our dealers have the right products at the right prices to satisfy consumer demand.”

Rockford’s Power compact chassis amplifiers will see reductions of up to 50 percent off current retail prices.  And all Prime, Punch and Power series speakers will be reduced up to 35 percent.

The Rockford T1000 X5 Class ab mini amplifier, a true 100 watt by 4 and 600 watt by 1 amplifier that sells for $999 will drop to a price of $599.

Some other Rockford price changes are as follows:


T750X1BD            was $799.99       new $349.99 (Rockford’s most powerful compact subwoofer amplifier)

T1650-S                was $349.99        new $199.99 (Power series component speakers)

P1650                    was $99.99          new $69.99 (Punch series coaxial speaker)


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  1. Contact your local Rockford Fosgate Rep or the Rockford Customer service department for updated prices and program details.

  2. so they been hitting home runs and relying on our sales ability for some time?
    wonder what this will do to the quality?
    what about margins at my store?


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