VOXX Ships New Flashlogic FLRSBA Remote Start

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HAUPPAUGE, NY–VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), announced today                           the Company will begin shipping the new Flashlogic FLRSBA and will showcase the product at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada October 31st – November 3rd 2017.

“We are very excited to begin shipping our first fully integrated remote start / security system with a built in FLCAN – the FLRSBA.  The FLRSBA was developed in conjunction with Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) and brings together the advanced technology of ADS with the core VOXX security and remote start features.”, said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation.


Frank Barassi, President of Automotive Data Solutions Inc. (ADS), also stated, “VOXX and ADS have been great partners for over ten years. This valued relationship empowers us to together launch innovative remote start solutions. The FLRSBA is the culmination of years of effort and will launch with 102 different firmware sets, covering 7600+ vehicles, and designed to support many more advanced solutions coming soon. We are proud of the result and hope mobile electronic retailers and distributors embrace this product; and that we together continue to collaborate to ensure our industry sustains itself for the many years to come.”


The FLRSBA incorporates many of the patented VOXX features such as Real Panic Sound horn honk and Custom Code override.  It also has dual built-in data converters allowing dealers to add any Prestige, Code Alarm or Pursuit transmitter kit without needing an external data converter.  The FLRSBA is also CarLink compatible for telematics control.  VOXX will also be offering an advanced security option, the BASEC, that adds a siren with extended harness and access to the built-in digital tilt sensor.


The FLRSBA is t-harness compatible for low current remote start applications.  VOXX will also be releasing over 20 t-harness kits for thousands of vehicle applications – including Toyota and Mazda.  The support side of the “BA” is as impressive as the product.  We will have a uniquely custom vehicle by vehicle – wire by wire – installation guide for each vehicle application.


Demers continued.  “We are expanding the Vehicle Security / Remote Start & Data Start offering with the FLRSBA, not replace anything in the Prestige, Code Alarm, Pursuit or current Flashlogic Data Start line-up.  The FLRSBA can also replace our current “vehicle specific” data start systems, giving our dealers the option of a “one module” solution with different vehicle specific harnesses – increasing flexibility and reducing carrying costs.  However, we will still carry the majority of our complete kit module and harness applications – giving you a choice.  We want to give our dealers what they are asking for, and continue to lead the industry in bringing new innovative products to market”.


MSRP: $399.99


For more information about VOXX Electronics please visit: www.voxxelectronics.com

For more information on becoming a VOXX Electronics Dealer in the US, please visit: www.voxxelectronics.com/become-dealer



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