New Custom Radar Detector Debuts

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Radenso RC M

The company that brought you the no photo license plate is introducing a new custom installed radar detector aimed at 12 volt specialist retailers.

Jonathan Dandrow, who developed the no photo (now distributed by VOXX) and who sells Radenso radar detectors in the US., says the new Radenso RC M custom detector is the most sensitive detector in its class.  In flat terrain, it often receives alerts 3 miles away.

It offers front and rear 360 degree alerts, laser jammer integration and an in-cabin display. It also has GPS lock out of false alerts, a blind spot monitor filter to prevent false alerts and low speed GPS auto muting to limit false alerts.  The detector is invisible to Spectre and VG2 radar detector-detectors.

The RC M also permits firmware updates. It has a 2 year warranty and carries an estimated street price of $1500.

Radenso, which also sells two portable radar detectors, has just signed on its first distributor, AM Merchandising on the West Coast.  Dandrow said Radenso will be adding many new distributors in coming months.

The Radenso RC M was officially announced at KnowledgeFest in Dallas earlier this week.  More information on the product will be made available at the SEMA Show in November.

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  1. No. The antenna is a new development. Temporarily we used the old Bel 975 interface but have now switched to a complete new CPU and digital HD display. The new CPU will be able to handle 2 antennas (front and rear) and ALP Laserjammers as well as an external GPS antenna.

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