noPhoto Red Light Camera Jammer; Now Under VOXX

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NoPhoto, a device that mounts on the license plate that can stop a red light or speed camera ticket is now being distributed by VOXX Electronics.

The small device detects when a traffic camera has flashed and then it illuminates your license plate to blur the photo and prevent a ticket.

By distributing noPhoto, VOXX enters the segment of radar detection.  It expects to make the product available within 30 days at a price of about $399.  A formal joint announcement by VOXX and noLimits (makers of noPhoto) outlining their partnership will be released at CES, said VOXX’s Joe Caltalbiano.

When noPhoto’s microprocessor detects a flash and it automatically determines whether it’s a true camera flash or just sunlight.  It then illuminates the license plate at the precise moment so that the traffic camera photo appears as just a white blur and the ticket is thwarted.

It works using infra red technology so it functions in day and night conditions.

It can detect a typical traffic camera flash more than 100 feet away in direct sunlight.

The device uses two wires to install–power and ground connections.


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  1. Our Industry supports 12v devices that serve many purposes. Our industry supports Radar Detectors, Laser Diffusers and/or similar devices to the noPhoto that allow consumers to speed and then be notified to slow down and/or speed and diffuse the incoming signal from a Law Enforcement radar gun to prevent being ticketed. The purchase of such items are elective purchases by the consumer and we are by no means condoning that consumers should run red lights.

  2. I think it’s a great idea! Obviously VOXX isn’t condoning running red lights! But people do make mistakes, people do catch a yellow that turns to red and the camera gets you,. If you don’t like it, don’t carry it! I for one will be ordering as soon as they are available!

  3. How can a company who stands behind safety products also be developing products that allow bad drivers to put lives at risk? Talk about contradictory solutions! If you’re dumb enough to drive through a red light or are caught speeding, you deserve the ticket. Very disappointed Voxx!

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