New Remote Start Transmitters From Firstech

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Firstech announced new remote transmitters for Compustar and Arctic Start that will formally debut at KnowledgeFest in Dallas starting tonight.

The new line consists of 2-way transmitters as Firstech is moving to include two 2-way remotes with its remote start systems, instead of the usual one 2-way and one 1-way pre-packaged remote.

Heading into the fall, 80 percent of Firstech remotes will be two-way, meaning they show command confirmation, according to  Marketing Manager Justin Lee.

Under Compustar PRO, Firstech’s flagship line, a new PRO G15 and PRO R3, both offer a 2 mile range using digital spread spectrum technology.

“Since Firstech was founded in 1995, our company’s specialty has been 2-way technologies,” said Firstech Managing Director Jason Kaminski. “Firstech was the first company to release a 2-way remote with 1 mile range and also the first to release an IPX-7 waterproof 2-way remote…”

New 2-way remote kits have also been added to Compustar PRIME and Arctic Start.

Details of the kits will be released at KnowledgeFest, which runs August 11-14.

All Firstech remote start and security systems are upgradable, so customers with older models can still add to their existing kits.

The new lineup of remote transmitters is due to ship in early September.

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