12V Road Rage Package

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Motorcycle-road rage attack-on-car

Hurley’s Auto Audio, McLean, VA has developed a “Road Rage” package for its customers that gives new meaning to driver safety.

If you have upscale customers in a big metro area, you might take this package as more than tongue and cheek.

Hurley’s Owner Gary Woodward got the idea when a group of up to 30 bikers attacked a car in New York in 2013, dragging the driver out onto the road.

Woodward has already sold one customer the $5,000 to $7,5000 package.  Many of Woodward’s clients, being close to DC, work in embassies or for contract security companies or the State Dept., so security is on their minds.

In case it sends any entrepreneurial sparks ricocheting in your brain, here is Woodward’s Road Rage package:

Runflat Tire Inserts

Don’t get stuck on the side of road changing a flat—exposed and vulnerable to the elements, vehicles and any other threats. Runflat Tire Inserts will let you drive on a flat until you get to a safe area.

Intrusion-Resistant Window Film and Door Panels

Safety film holds glass together in the event of explosive pressure from many sources: extreme weather, collisions, break-ins, or worse.Prevents intrusion. Protect yourself and your family from flying glass shards. We also offer Kevlar panels for side-impact protection and resistance of sharp objects.

Rear-Mounted Floodlights

Super-powerful rear floodlight to illuminate any situation. Whether you need to be seen or unseen, these floodlights will help protect you in or out of your vehicle.

Electrified Door Handles

Toggle your door handles to “Shock” when parking or driving in high-risk areas. This is a nasty and non-lethal option for would-be attackers and stalkers.

External Listening/PA Unit

This unit is the best way to communicate with anyone outside your car without having to expose yourself by lowering the window or opening the door. You can hear them and they can hear you, but you’re less vulnerable to attack.

4-Channel Camera Evidence Recorder

Dash cams are the best way to go to protect yourself legally in case of collisions or other high-intensity situations. Mount up to four cameras for all-perspective views.

And for the really paranoid customer:

Road Tacks, Smoke Screen

Deter, confuse and turn the tables on attackers with this safety set. Road tacks and rear-projecting smoke screen will slow down pursuers and obscure your vehicle from view.

Pepper spray (non lethal) anti personnel aerosol.

5%  capsicum aerosol to neutralize exterior threats to the passenger cabin. Stronger than park service bear spray.



Photo of 2013 NYC road rage incident


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