New Pioneer CarPlay Radios Hit $400; Include Waze

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With a new line of 5 NEX AV radios, Pioneer Electronics becomes the first aftermarket car audio supplier to hit the low $400 suggested retail price point for a CarPlay radio.   And it’s the first to offer Waze capability.

Two new double DIN CarPlay models, the AVH-1330NEX and AVH-1300NEX, come with 6.2-inch screens and include Waze, Spotify, Pandora and SiriusXM capability.

Android Auto is found on three of the new NEX models, the double DIN AVH-3300NEX, AVH-2330NEX, and the single DIN AVH-2300NEX, all with 7-inch screens, at $500- $600 suggested retail price.

With Waze capability, the app appears on the large radio screen and users may control the app from the radio  (when the radio is connected to a smartphone).

The new radios automatically recognize the phone type and bring up the appropriate interface–either CarPlay or Android Auto– to match.

Pioneer said, “the new NEX models have been engineered with an optimized PCB layout for audio signal integrity and a number of audiophile-grade components to deliver a premium audio listening experience.”

There are four double DIN models and one single DIN, including two double DIN models with 7-inch screens–the AVH-2330NEX and AVH-2300NEX and two double DIN models with 6.2 inch screens–the AVH-1330NEX and AVH-1300NEX and the single DIN AVH-3300NEX with a 7-inch motorized screen.  All have SiriusXM compatibility and Bluetooth and two come with HD Radio (the AVH-2330NEX and AVH-1330NEX).

All models are backup camera ready and support width and distance parking reference lines.

Pioneer’s NEX receivers will be available in July with suggested retail prices of:  $600 (AVH-3300NEX), $500 (AVH-2330NEX and AVH-2300NEX), and $400 (AVH-1330NEX and AVH-1300NEX).

Other Features on All Models:

  • Spotify, Waze, CarPlay, Bluetooth, SiriusXM capability, Pandora
  • 13 band Graphic Equalizer with touch panel swipe setting and built-in high/low pass crossover with expanded adjustable crossover points and slopes
  • Built-in Auto EQ and Auto Time Alignment provide customized audio adjustments for the driver
  • Advanced Sound Retriever
  • Ability for users to play back full HD videos stored on a USB and NTFS files stored on a compatible external HDD
  • Receivers offer playback of files encoded as high-res FLAC up to 192kHz/24 bit and provide playback output at CD-quality (44kHz/16bit)

Other Features on Some Models

  • The AVH-3300NEX, AVH-2330NEX and AVH-1330NEX also come with:
    • A remote control to conveniently adjust volume, audio source and more
    • Dual camera inputs to help consumers enhance the rear visibility of their existing vehicles, beyond what can be seen in the rearview mirror
  • iDatalink Maestro support available on the AVH-2330NEX, AVH-2300NEX, AVH-1330NEX and AVH-1300NEX
  • Compatibility with Pioneer’s AVIC-U280 outboard navigation system (sold separately)
  • USB Quick Charge (all models) – charges 1.5 amp Android devices
  • High power MOSFET 50W x 4

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  1. Pretty simple guys…it’s what you do with the customer after you sell the head unit. The car dealerships learned this a long time ago.

    You make nothing on the car…you add accessories, warranties, service (install), and options…keeping those new big beautiful car dealerships in business.

    Look I’ve been doing this for 40+ years. If you keep doing what you have been doing over the last 10 years plus…you will die. Quit your bitching and think about what you need to do to make it happen!

    Be smart…be aggressive…and focus on what “lights up” your customer to open his/her wallet! Sell the sizzle…not the steak! The steak just gets them into your store.

  2. Everyone always looks at the negative
    Use this as a stepping stone to get ppl back into your store. Cultivate a client base from this
    Pioneer is giving you a price point to reach a potential customer. Who didn’t even know you existed!
    And WAKE UP !! motivate your staff teach your self some new tricks and brush up on your sellings skills and learn to uplot a customer to a full in dash and work for those dollars !!

  3. I think the head of pioneer is secretly Dark Helmet from Spaceballs and he just hit ludicrious speed in the race to zero!

  4. I’m not surprised. Credit to Pioneer. They sell a ton of head units, but deserve more credit than they get in the head unit realm.

  5. 1-most of my customers would not recognize audiophile quality sound if it bit them in the ash.
    2-more models to sell, more words to say. just killed the high line nav business. looks like a race to zero. pioneer will sell more units- retailers will sell the same but at a lower margin. since the flood of product-I will sell out of a catalog if pioneer ever gets one out.
    3-waze kills the profitable radar/laser market. “are you working with us or against us, pioneer?”
    4-install prices just went up at my store.

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