Ford Expands CarPlay and Android Auto

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Ford is expanding CarPlay and Android Auto capability to all 2016 models with SYNC 3 through Ford’s first over-the-air update that can be automatic over WiFi.

Currently, Ford offers CarPlay and Android Auto on all 2017 models.

While Ford has allowed over-the-air updates since 2009, this is the first time the update is over WiFi, with automatic capability. Or it can be performed by a download to a USB drive or by visiting a Ford dealership.

Ford said, the new SYNC 3 platform allows the WiFi updates that can “deliver new features to customers in the background while they continue using their vehicles,” said Executive Director of Connected Vehicle Services Don Butler.

With automatic updates, SYNC 3 will periodically connect to a customer’s designated WiFi network to check for updates.  If an update is available, the system automatically downloads it in the background without any customer interaction.  SYNC 3 will perform the update as long as WiFi is connected prior to the vehicle’s being turned off, “so there’s no need to keep the vehicle running for the update to take place,” said Ford.

For the car industry as a whole, CarPlay or Android Auto were found in less than 50 car models less than a year ago. For 2017 car models, the list has more than doubled to over 100, with more slated for 2018.

Here is a list of 2017 vehicles with CarPlay from

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