An Aftermarket Electronic Bumper Sticker

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The Talelight is an electronic bumper sticker or mini billboard that flashes slogans and signs that may be changed at will through an app.

The product could be sold through car audio dealers in the future, says Ultimation, the maker of Talelight. CEO Bob Suffern says that some Talelight customers are already taking the device to car audio dealers for installation.

We are seeing more examples of new technology that is designed as plug and play but may find its way into your shop as consumers seek more professional installation.  The Talelight is the newest example. Others may be Navdy and Reviver.

The Talelight is a 2- by 8-inch digital high resolution sign.  It requires users run a 15 foot cable to connect to a USB or cigarette lighter in the car cabin.  It’s been on the market since January.  It can mount either with brackets or double sided 3M automotive tape

Users can customize a message or choose from 200 canned messages from an app.   The price tag is about $130 and then it costs between $1 and $3 per message.

Suffern launched Ultimation because he wanted the product for himself. “I like to comment on the world around me.  I would hear something in the news and wish I had a bumper sticker for that.  It’s self expression.”

He added, “There is not another electronic bumper sticker anywhere in the world.  Sports fans during the fall can post their football team and then in the spring, their baseball team.  Kids go from one school to another…”

The product is patent pending.



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  1. i happen to have one, it is actually pretty cool to show in what mood you are, support your kid’s team or advertise your own business. It’s rugged and really high visibility outdoor type, not a cheap tablet you can’t read in the sun. Create your own messages/images is free (you can also sell them in the store too), $1 to $3 is for the pre-made stickers.

  2. This cannot be the future of Vehicle telematics, Just hang a 59 dollar tablet off your trunk lid and wifi to it all day long for free, Wait till the first drive-by when you display the wrong political party or gang color.

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