HUD Lets You Talk To Other Drivers

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CarNote is an HUD prototype that lets a driver flash you a message such as “rushing to the hospital.”

It’s only in the concept phase, but it is the third aftermarket technology we’ve seen in as many weeks, creating new ways for drivers to communicate with one another, even if its just a digital license plate with messages. (See  Reviver, and we’ll write about the third gadget later this week). And on the heels of Navdy shipping to retailers, it shows a future use for HUDs.

With CarNote, the driver’s smartphone projects information to an aftermarket screen and the info appears to hover in front of the driver.  It works with a smartphone app that distributes information from other drivers that are also using CarNote.  The system also includes a camera that spots a sticker on the back windshield of other CarNote cars. It uses a special periscope lens attachment that allows the camera to view cars ahead.  In the future the system could use license plate recognition instead of stickers to trigger communication between users.

CarNote was developed by researchers at the Eindhoven University of Technology and will be formally presented at a tech conference this month.

Drivers can send messages such as “rushing to airport,” but the system limits how often drivers may use it to prevent abuse.

CarNote also permits you to send simple “like” and “dislike” icons to other drivers.  So if a car lets you into his lane, you can respond with a like.

Insurance companies could also use the information to help set premiums.

The technology is also being billed as a way to reduce road rage. It will be presented at the ACM Intelligent User Interfaces conference in Cyprus this month.

Source: New Scientist via Engadget

Photo: via New Scientist

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  1. I agree with the above comments about potential negative uses, and I’m not thrilled about the idea of “Big Brother” insurance companies collecting data from this. On the other hand, I’ve always thought it would be nice to be able to send short positive messages to other drivers, like “Thanks for letting me merge” or “Sorry I cut you off, it was an accident.”

  2. Nothing more then a “solution” looking for a problem. Come up with an answer before the problem or even better “invent” the problem.

  3. The idea that random drivers will send “like” or “dislike” tags about other random drivers that are stored and used for anything ever is an atrocious idea. These are people trying to lead their lives, not their blogs or their newsfeeds. If their driving is that bad they’ll get the proper correction, a moving violation ticket, eventually and outside of that it shouldn’t matter what anyone else “likes” or “dislikes” about their driving, so long as they aren’t endangering anyone. The minute we enable that sort of random opinionating to affect insurance rates, for example, any sort of petty grievance that any other random driver could take affront to would become the basis for financial punishments. Radio too loud, kids watching dvds in back instead of reading, lights too bright, “wrong car for the neighborhood”, etc.

    Black Mirror, anyone?

  4. I don’t really think the messages are going to be as friendly as the examples cited here.

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