New Car Radio Makes TV News

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Soundstream VRN-DD7HB dual screen radio

The double screen Soundstream radio unveiled at CES in January will be featured on Good Morning San Diego on KUSI-TV as one of the “Best of CES”products on Sunday, February 26.  Other TV stations are also interested in reporting on the product said Soundstream.

The Soundstream VRN-DD7HB radio will also be featured in an upcoming “Best of CES” roundup from The Huffington Post.

Soundstream is now taking orders on the patent-pending radio, a first of its kind, it said.  One of the radio’s 7-inch screens may be used for navigation and the second screen for the radio and other functions.

“We have had an overwhelming response to this first-of-its-kind unit,” said Paul Goldberg, VP Sales and Marketing for Epsilon Electronics, Soundstream’s parent.

Soundstream was shocked at the amount of attention the deck attracted at CES.  Its Facebook page received ½ million views.  As a result it will produce three times the number of units originally planned.

“It obviously hit a nerve,” said Goldberg.  “What we’re hearing is that a lot of people thought it was great because you can run your navigation on one screen and have access to your radio and controls on the other…It’s multi-tasking or more than one application at the same time that people seem to want.”

The prototype head unit at CES was so popular it was stolen from its display, and has not been retrieved.

The radio has a double DIN chassis and dual glass panel touchscreens.  It runs two operating systems at the same time so you can view two different platforms. It will begin shipping in March at a suggested retail price of $449.99.

The VRN-DD7HB comes with iGO navigation on the upper display and Android Phonelink, which mirrors the screen of an Android smartphone.  The second operating system runs a DVD player, Bluetooth 4.o, USB media, FM receiver and rear view camera.


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  1. I love the idea, but its a Soundstream….nowhere near the quality of how it use to be….just a flashy but weak unit….

  2. If they stole it off the display at CES, think about how many car windows will get broken.

    Food for thought, detach face,,, turns into a tablet when its not a radio, open it to be touch screen keyboard and screen with finger touch for the mouse. No one’s going to take this out of the car if the screen’s gone. the main unit is a hard drive and other radio controls with hot swap ability for SSD drives you put music or anything on it, it can also be used as a car computer when not driving. Now the Kids will buy this……. And the Factory has nothing like it.
    These will fly off the shelf, add on’s like a smartphone plugin, or anything else you can dream up. and or add on boards to run cellular calls it also gives you wifi and 4G and 5G.
    If you’re parked you can view TV or the internet wirelessly over your cell phone carrier.
    GPS keeps that from working wile in motion like Pioneer did a few years ago.
    Has USB3 ports for real keyboards and mice or music. can also be dule pc screens. You pick how you use it. and it can change anytime to a user’s expectations. up to 4 drivers.
    Also outputs for rear seat entertainment screen’s. No DVD or CD’s its all drives.
    Ties into your car alarm, cell phone, has tracking and can be found online if removed from the dash, 72 hour battery life stand alone.

    1. yeah if only fairy dust were real and you had any understanding of engineering and manufacturing a product at a reasonable price lol you’ve got to be kidding me with a perfect world wish list like that. don’t you think if someone could figure out how to make your dream product viable don’t you think they would have? because I’m sure you’re the first person ever to want those features all in something that doesn’t cost a small fortune.

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