VOXXHirschmann Intros eFob For OEMs

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HAUPPAUGE, N.Y. — VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, VOXXHirschmann, a tier-one supplier to the world’s leading Automotive OEM’s, has officially launched its new efob or Phone-as-a-Key technology, the latest evolution in its full line of remote start and keyless entry products. With efob, consumers no longer have to carry their car keys and can now access, drive and share their vehicle seamlessly through the use of their smartphone and an efob-enabled, Bluetooth mobile application and infrastructure. Additionally, the Company also disclosed that it has secured an award of business from a west coast-based electric vehicle manufacturer as their tier-one supplier for the efob technology with production and delivery scheduled to begin in 2018.

Combining the capabilities of a secure smartphone application designed for Apple and Android devices, this new patented efob solution leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) technology, a network of sensors and unique micro-proximity detection application software, secure cloud, and other intellectual property. Consumers can now seamlessly enable control over all functions of traditional factory keyless entry/exit key fobs now available on most push button start-equipped cars and trucks simply by approaching their vehicle with their smartphone, provided vehicles are equipped with smart sensors. As an added safety feature, neither the vehicle nor the smartphone need a cellular or internet connection to unlock/start the car once paired and since the app works in the background, no action on the smartphone or by the consumer is required.

Available as a stand-alone app or fully integrated with an OEM’s consumer smartphone application offering, efob delivers the convenience of highly accurate proximity-based detection with advanced capabilities for full control of automated user preference vehicle settings. With efob, vehicle owners gain access to powerful new functionality thanks to its cloud-based digital key management system, allowing them to control functions and features such as:

  • Share vehicle access with family members and friends electronically via their smartphone; a feature that is ideal for both large families as well as ride-sharing services and fleet managers
  • Implement time and geo-based restrictions and usage limits
  • Create multiple user profiles featuring individualized preferences (seating & mirror positions, radio pre-sets, climate controls, and more), all automatically activated by proximity to the vehicle
  • Added anti-theft functionality


“The efob Phone-as-a-Key is an exciting new addition to our range of industry-leading remote start and vehicle access products and a solution for OEM’s who continuously are looking to differentiate themselves in the market,” said Michael Schroeder, Senior Vice President, Sales and Business Development with VOXXHirschmann Corporation. “More than just a replacement for a physical key, thanks to our patented technology your smartphone, the efob platform will enable OEM’s to offer a wide array of new in-car functionality including wireless sharing and linking of devices, further complementing their current vehicle automation programs without increasing system costs and complexity.”

Mr. Schroeder continued, “Since we introduced the efob or Phone-as-a-Key technology concept last year, we have seen substantial interest from both current and potential Automotive customers highlighted by our first award from a new electric vehicle manufacturer with production slated to begin in 2018. We believe that the ability to personalize settings, both for the driver and for those they wish to provide access to the vehicle, is a convenience factor that will remain in high-demand. Additionally, efob’s cloud-based approach for managing individual cars, fleets of vehicles and multiple users for different vehicles, can be a significant mobility enabler for the wide spread adoption of ride sharing, a rapidly growing industry that many OEM’s are actively exploring. We look forward to working with our OEM partners over the coming years in bringing this solution to market in their forthcoming vehicles.”

About VOXXHirschmann Corporation

VOXXHirschmann Corp. is subsidiary of VOXX International which combines the domestic and international OE design, engineering, manufacturing and sales assets of Hirschmann Car Communication, Audiovox, Code Systems and Invision. This worldwide collaboration brings together over 220 engineers and dozens of OE Automotive customers and tier-one companies. VOXXHirschmann has the capabilities to globally support every level of OE vehicle distribution, from vehicle production lines to modification centers and ports of entry and embarkation, to dealerships. Among the global customers served, include Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, GM, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Subaru, Tesla, Volkswagen, and more.

About VOXX International Corporation
VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ:VOXX) has grown into a worldwide leader in many automotive and consumer electronics and accessories categories, as well as premium high-end audio. Today, VOXX International Corporation has an extensive distribution network that includes power retailers, mass merchandisers, 12-volt specialists and most of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. The Company has an international footprint in Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America, and a growing portfolio, which now comprises over 30 trusted brands. Among the key domestic brands are Klipsch®, RCA®, Invision®, Jensen®, Audiovox®, Terk®, Acoustic Research®, Advent®, Code Alarm®, Car Connection®, 808®, AR for Her®, and Prestige®. International brands include Hirschmann Car Communication®, Klipsch®, Jamo®, Energy®, Mirage®, Mac Audio®, Magnat®, Heco®, Schwaiger®, Oehlbach® and Incaar™. For additional information, please visit our Web site at www.voxxintl.com.



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