Clarion Adds CarPlay to FDS Radio

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Clarion Corporation of America, announced a new NX807, its first car radio with CarPlay, which works with its all-digital FDS (Full Digital Sound) car audio system.

The double DIN unit has a 7-inch touch display, HDMI and a TOSLINK digital output to work with the FDS system.  It can playback Hi-Res Audio FLAC files up to 96kHz/24 bit. It also has Bluetooth and Pandora and 15 band equalizer and it is SiriusXM capable.

The FDS system passes the radio’s Hi-Res audio signal into a processor that separates the Hi-Res audio file into separate channels of digital audio and sends each channel to its respective FDS speaker. Clarion’s FDS system is unique in that it maintains a digital audio signal from the source until it reaches the speakers’ voice coils, where the digital audio signal is then turned into sound pressure. Unlike all other in-car component systems, Clarion’s FDS system never converts the digital audio signal to analog.

The NX807 will be available in early Q1, 2017 through Clarion online retailers such as Amazon, Crutchfield, and Sonic Electronics. Clarion exited the US car audio brick and mortar market last year.

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  1. Does Clarion really expect Amazon or Sonic Electronics to be able to sell this product without the help of a professional? I don’t understand why take out the expert when selling a product. I think it was a bad decision to leave the US market.

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