Kenwood’s New DSP/Amp Works With Maestro

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Kenwood CES 2017

Kenwood Electronics is introducing at CES a DSP/OEM amplifier that is designed to work with an iDatalink Maestro AR integration module from ADS.

The Maestro AR module allows the Kenwood DSP/amplifier to link into the CAN bus of certain vehicles so it can replace the factory amplifiers found in many of today’s new cars (without having to linkup to the system after the amplifier, as in traditional systems).

By linking to the CAN bus, the Kenwood eXcelon XR600-6DSP gets a clean 2- channel signal.  This contrasts with traditional “after the amplifier” installations, which require a lot of aftermarket digital signal processing to restore the audio feed to a clean 2-channel signal.

The new Kenwood eXcelon XR600-6DSP has 6 channels, a  13-band equalizer, 3-point parametric EQ, digital crossover network, and 10-channel time alignment.

The amplifier delivers 6 x 75 watts RMS.

At launch the Kenwood XR600-6DSP will work with many Chrysler and Ford vehicles with factory amplified systems  including the 2009- 2017 Ram pickup, the 2011-2017 Chrysler 300, 2011-2016 F150, 2011 -2017 Grand Cherokee, and the 2011 – 2016 Edge.

The eXcelon XR600-6DSP is expected to ship in March.

Rockford announced use of similar Maestro technology in its DSR-1 DSP device late last year, becoming the first company to announce a new “before the amplifier” DSP.  But where the Rockford DSR-1 has built-in Maestro technology, the Kenwood unit links to an outboard Maestro AR module.

Elettromedia has also announced its Audison Prima amplifiers will also work with Maestro AR modules.




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