New Remote Start From Encore

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encore-e5 remote start

Encore Automotive Systems announced a new low cost two-way remote start system.

The E5 is a long range two-way LED remote start unit with full function keyless entry. The remote transmitters are small but still give you confirmation that your remote start has been successful.

The two-way LED remote also offers audio confirmation and a steady pulse of the multi-color LED when the vehicle is running.

Oliver Grunhold Encore President says the E5 is one of the most economical systems on the market today at a $99 street price.  “This system is perfect for people that want to know when their vehicle has been started without the need for a bigger traditional LCD remote with a screen,” he said.

The 3,000-range unit comes standard with a two button LED two-way transmitter plus a one- way 4 button companion remote.

Through a combination of button options, the two-button remote will also lock the vehicle and pop the trunk.

The E5 comes standard with a windshield mounted antenna with the LED’s and Valet switch embedded within the antenna. This system has been built on Encore’s E2 platform and works with   both Fortin and iDatalink data modules that can communicate with a one wire connection to the E5’s data port.

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