Hi Tech Backup Camera Now at Crutchfield, Amazon

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Pearl backup camera

That high tech backup camera developed by Apple engineers called Pearl RearVision we mentioned in June, is now available at Crutchfield and Amazon at $499.

Its maker, Pearl Automation, said it has no other distribution plans at this time apart from sales on its own web site, but it is open to talking to interested retailers.

Pearl was co-founded by Bryson Gardner, who helped develop the iPod and several iPhones. The company is expected to develop other car safety or autonomous driving devices.

Gardner said, “ RearVision is our first step in providing consumers access to the latest car technology.”

Pearl RearVision is a WiFi/Bluetooth, solar powered, backup camera system that includes dual HD cameras embedded in a license plate frame.  The camera frame delivers up to 180 degree views of what’s behind the car to the phone.

The license plate frame itself is solar powered and works with a companion adapter that plugs into the car’s OBD2 port. So it’s user installable “in minutes,” according to Pearl.

The OBD2 adapter contains advanced image processing technology to flatten the two fish eye images received from the cameras and then sends the video in real-time to your phone (iPhone or Android).  There’s a customizable “tap to pan” feature to see what’s behind the car.

Updated–RearVision cannot launch automatically when the car goes into reverse but it will starting next month for both Android and iPhone, said a spokeswoman.

The OBD2 adapter has a built in speaker for audio alerts when something’s behind your car. Visual alerts are delivered on your phone through the Pearl App.

A phone mount is included in the price of $499.





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  1. I agree with Ray, but as I make my visits there are far less quality B&M shops around. Installers are not showing up to product and technical training’s like they used to, most shops don’t take pride in the appearance of their stores. There are still a lot of great shops out there but with all the hack shops out there it gives the industry a bad name.

    Also a lot of manufacturers have an aging out of touch management sorry to say. They are rarely out in the field and just visit the bestbuys of the world. Seems like they do and say things just to keep their jobs and/or hire their friends instead of the best people for these positions.

    We need a reset or amazon will kill the rest of us off.

    To bad the people who really need to change will never see our comments.

    Thanks you to all the great Brick and Mortar shops out there, you made this business.

  2. The only brick and mortar that will be left will be super specialized, mega corps and places that provide labor services. B & M’s better take note and make changes now!

  3. Crutchfield and Amazon are fine retailers indeed. I wonder however why Pearl would not yet consider the brick & mortar installing specialty retailer as a viable channel for the product. Of course the DIY nature of the install of this product is clear. BUT we sell lotsa stuff that is DIY simple… Perhaps they “grew up” with an Internet vision of how a consumer is most comfortable, learning about and making such a purchase.

    I wonder…

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