Meet the Google Pixel

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Google introduced its first smartphones, unlike even the Nexus, that are truly built from the ground up by Google.

Called the Pixel and Pixel XL, the phones are also the first to be designed with “Google Assistant” voice recognition at the core.

A key strength of the phones are their cameras, which Google says are “the best ever made for a smartphone.”   They let in more light than other smartphone cameras and are faster to launch so you can take action shots, it said.

The Pixel has a 5-inch screen and starts at $649 with 32GB of storage (also available in 128GB).  The Pixel XL moves up to a 5.5 -inch screen with the same features.

They are available only through Verizon for now, taking a cue from Apple, which originally launched the iPhone only on AT&T.

The phones support a Google version of FaceTime called Google Duo that works on Android or iOS. And they can pop into a new Google VR headset called Daydream View.

They come with unlimited cloud storage of photos and videos.  There’s also a simple transfer process of phone content for iPhone users.

Specs include 4GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 quadcore processor, a fingerprint sensor and a 12MP rear-facing camera.

Pre-orders began Tuesday.

Google also introduced a new Google Home, home automation speaker similar to the Amazon Echo.

Source: Engadget, Reuters, Google

Photo by Google

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  1. Just anothwr raft in aoon to blow up bloody smart phones i loved my nomia n95 it was the best phone o ever owned as a teen and then business i had a 9900 blackberry top of tje range best business fone i ever owend i have had 4 galaxys they are simple and full of features but damn it if they dont break all the damn time also same goes for apple someone make a smartfone immune to being broken before the contract ur on runs out as now i see all more of the same

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