12 Volt Expeditors: Watch Your Back

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The car dealership as we know it may be an endangered species starting about 10 years from now.

Expeditors may want to take some steps to safeguard your future. (We’ll get to that in a minute).

Autonomous cars will mean less car ownership with the rise of robo “ubers” and ride sharing. That is all expected to start reaching a critical mass around 2025.

“It is at this timing that a major decline in traditional dealership operations will begin,” says James Carter of Vision Mobility, a former Toyota manager in sales forecasting. And he’s not alone.

Many speculate that car buyers of the future may reject the traditional car haggling experience at a dealer in favor of digital platforms (think TrueCar on stereoids).  Or car makers may sell direct to consumers (think Tesla).

General Motors just issued buyout offers to 400 of its 925 dealers.

Morgan Stanley Research told investors to expect a big consolidation in car dealerships, reported the LA Times last year.

In fact, analysts have been predicting the eventual shrinking of the car dealer business for at least two years now.

Carter says you’ll start to see a transformation at the car dealer.  The service department will have fewer car mechanics and more IT (Information Technology) professionals who are fixing software problems with cars.

Dealerships may want to take on the role of storing and charging electric fleets overnight. In fact, Carter recommends dealers start investing in their own fleet operations, like autonomous ride sharing fleets.

Car audio dealers too can start cultivating more business directly with fleets.

Fleets can include the local HVAC contractor with four trucks, or any business with vans such as plumbers, electricians and security companies.

Many of these fleets are in the market for driver safety, so the time to strike is now, says Steve Witt of American Road Products.  See our fleet story here

Source: LinkedIn/Vision Mobility

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  1. I Liked the days when I went and bought a car to get me from point A to Point B, Then and only then Added whatever dash mounted gear/speakers or whatever to my car on my own and at my own time line.
    I drove my car from point A to Point B without relying on a computer, however computer assisted automatic braking ex.. could be of some use because it adds some safety we didn’t always have, the problem is people fiddle with too many things on the dash, combs, makeup, hair or whatever wile trying to drive a car. Put the toys away and drive the car, you can do all that stuff when you get to where you are going. If your running late, try getting out the house sooner next time.
    All this stuff is like calculators were in the 70’s-80’s they dumb you down and you become dependant on them.
    Then you get into a car without a calculator and you just do not know what to do.
    Who’s remembers driving a car with 3 speed on the tree? do you think you could today?
    I know I said Car…. I didn’t mean Truck either. Did you even know that is what most cars were at one time.
    Automatic anything is going to have its problems.
    And yes public use cars will become trash bins on wheels filthy disgusting seats gum all over used soda cans tobacco smoke blood sweat and everything else including used diapers.

    1. No thats App 3.1 and the update will be 6.4. but it won’t have a 1/4″ stereo phono jack insted 2 bluetooth butt massagers. for those of you who do not want rear end massagers its 7.11 update but this won’t work on an apple car. Only Google droids.

  2. Does anybody else think that self-driving ubers will turn into a wagon of disgusting gross public bathroom-like cabins???

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