Bose Intros Build Your Own Speakers for Kids

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Want to prep your kid for a career in audio? Bose Corporation has launched BOSEbuild, a new “build-it-yourself” category aimed at kids.  The first BOSEbuild’s product is the Speaker Cube, a kit to make a Bluetooth speaker.

The easy-to-build speaker shows how you can make sound from a simple magnet and coil.  It works with a free app that delivers step-by-step instructions. When finished, it can pair with a phone or tablet to stream music.

Kids can also add colored lights to personalize their speaker.

BOSE seems to be preparing the way for new audio engineers, which are a rare breed these days!

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is now available at for $149.


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  1. Great idea, But I think making money is the object here, That can’t be more than $10-$15 in parts and that’s bring nice!! Sad in every way!!

  2. $150 is pretty ridiculous.. I don’t care if it’s BOSE or B&W.. $150 for a single speaker in cardboard is a rip off.

  3. One hundred forty nine dollars?!
    I understand the teaching aid or project aspect but that is 10 times what a similar finished product costs. There has to be a higher value electronic teaching kit than this.

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